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Mapping Network’s Firm Commitment to the Helium Network

In light of recent developments within the Helium ecosystem, the Helium Foundation has introduced stringent new obligations and accountability measures for manufacturers. At Mapping Network, we fully support these changes and are committed to upholding the highest standards of performance and security for the benefit of our customers and the broader Helium community.

Helium Foundation’s New Accountability Measures

The Helium Foundation has updated the list of approved Makers on the Helium Network website, following new commercial agreements signed by existing IOT Makers. These agreements aim to enhance performance and accountability within the IOT ecosystem. The active participation of the community and the commitment of responsive Makers have been crucial in maintaining a robust market for IOT Hotspot vendors.

Previously managed by the Manufacturing Compliance Committee (MCC) under HIP-19, the framework for a decentralized and open market faced challenges in enforcing appropriate Maker behavior. The Helium Foundation intervened in late 2023, removing several non-compliant Makers from the Network website. This year, the Foundation introduced a new commercial agreement, which more than a dozen Makers have signed, reaffirming their dedication to the Helium Network’s mission of decentralized wireless.

Maker Obligations Under the New Agreement

Under the new commercial agreement, Makers are required to:
  • Maintain Hotspot Firmware: Adhere to LoRaWAN specifications and communicate any delays.
  • Manage Onboarding Credits: Keep a sufficient balance to ensure seamless onboarding.
  • Be Responsive: Timely responses to both Foundation requests and customer inquiries.
  • Ensure Public Communication: Inform customers about product and service support or changes.
  • Uphold Ethical Standards: Avoid manipulating Network incentives and prevent dual-mining activities that degrade wireless connectivity.
Defining “Approved Makers”

“Approved Makers” have undergone thorough verification, passed hardware security audits, and ensured compatibility with the Helium Network. These Makers have also received approval from the Helium community and signed a legally binding agreement with the Foundation.

The Helium Foundation’s Role

The Helium Foundation is committed to maintaining the Network’s integrity by holding Makers accountable to the highest standards. While decentralization encourages buyer diligence, the Foundation will address aggregate issues and ensure that Makers respond to community feedback. Non-compliant Makers may be removed from the ecosystem to maintain trust and security.

Firm Stance on Non-compliant Makers

Several organizations that have not signed the new agreement have been removed from the list of approved Makers. Although existing Hotspots can still join the Network, these Makers will no longer have onboarding server access:


Users should contact these Makers directly for support. The Helium Foundation has stated they will be donating data credits to support Nebra’s community firmware contributions, underscoring the importance of community support and integrity. However, Nebra remains a non-compliant Maker under the current guidelines.

Mapping Network’s Unwavering Commitment

Mapping Network unequivocally supports the Helium Foundation’s new measures and is dedicated to providing only approved products for the Helium Network. We will remove any non-approved manufacturers if required to ensure the highest level of security and performance for our customers. Any Nebra product sold by Mapping Network will be part of this enhanced security offering, ensuring seamless onboarding and robust support.

Looking Forward

The Helium Foundation’s collaboration with partners like RAK Wireless and Seeed Studio highlights a shared commitment to the future of decentralized wireless. Mapping Network is proud to be part of this journey, dedicated to offering reliable, approved IOT solutions to the Helium community.

For more information about the IOT Maker ecosystem and the latest changes, visit the Helium Network website or contact the Helium Foundation at You can also see the Official Statement by the Helium Foundation here.

By taking this firm stance, Mapping Network reinforces its commitment to the Helium community and the integrity of the Network, ensuring customers can trust in the quality and security of the products offered.
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