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What is GEODNET's SuperHex and How Does it Work?

Understanding GEODNET’s SuperHex System

GEODNET, at its core, is about understanding our planet. Through innovative roof-mounted Space Weather stations, GEODNET captures real-time geospatial data from both Earth and its atmosphere.

Space Weather Explained

The sun, apart from giving us light and warmth, also affects our planet in many subtle ways. It releases what's known as Solar Wind, which carries a magnetic field that interacts with Earth's atmosphere. This phenomenon is termed 'Space Weather'. Though it might sound otherworldly, its implications are very tangible. It affects air quality, sea levels, can potentially predict earthquakes, and aids in extremely accurate position measurements.

Why is GEODNET Unique?

Traditional observation of Space Weather, through systems like “CORS” networks, has been limited and costly. GEODNET, however, harnesses new technology and the decentralized nature of blockchain to capture detailed measurements globally at a fraction of the cost.

Here's what makes GEODNET special:

Scalability: Its reach is global, performance top-notch, and it celebrates the power of decentralization.
Network Advantages: It offers an open service that's accessible from anywhere and employs a unique token system.
Cost-Effective: Quick to roll out and maintain while covering vast areas.

Introducing SuperHex

To realize unparalleled uniform coverage, GEODNET has launched SuperHex. A larger hexagon containing seven standard Res 5 GEODNET hexes or "sub-hexes". The reward for the first three miners accurately set within an Active SuperHex? Enhanced GEOD token rewards for a year.

The Power of SuperHexes

Imagine a big hexagon filled with smaller ones, known as SuperHexes. They play a vital role in GEODNET's mission. By setting up devices within these SuperHexes, you not only help expand a groundbreaking network but also earn considerable rewards.

Remember, the rewards can be substantial! The longer a SuperHex waits for a device setup, the more significant the rewards.

Reward Dynamics

The rewards are enticing, reaching up to 14X of the standard GEODNET triple-band miner reward rate. This can be as much as 672 GEOD tokens daily. When staked, a SuperHex becomes "Active". With the first miner's deployment, it transitions to a "Producing SuperHex", offering top rewards. The speed of deployment dictates the initial miner's reward rate.

Simplified Staking

Staking a SuperHex involves 50,000 GEOD, with increments of 2,000 GEOD tokens. A year later, stakers receive their original amount with a 10% bonus. The GEODNET console, integrated with MetaMask, streamlines this process.

Proposing a SuperHex
The GEODNET Foundation currently leads SuperHex location proposals. Soon, any verified GEODNET console account holder can suggest a location, subject to Foundation verification for eligibility.

Understanding the SuperHex system is easier with this terminology guide:

Proposed SuperHex: A region suggested by a console user.
Available SuperHex: A Foundation-approved SuperHex awaiting its 50k GEOD stake.
Active SuperHex: Fully staked but without miners.
Producing SuperHex: Has at least one active miner.
Saturated SuperHex: A SuperHex with three miners. Additional miners then follow the standard rewards.

How Do You Get Involved?

If you have a roof, you're already a step closer! By setting up GEODNET stations, you can "mine" satellite observations. And, just for sharing this data, you earn GEOD tokens. Every data source or node has a unique blockchain address, making each one distinct worldwide.

Blockchain's Role in GEODNET

Efficiency: With both layer-1 and layer-2 blockchain systems, GEODNET operates with unmatched efficiency.
Innovative Protocol: A combination of Proof of Accuracy (PoA) and Proof of Stake (PoS) ensures reliable consensus.
High Performance: Supporting over 1000+ Transactions Per Second (TPS).
Versatility: Integrated for global applications and specifically tailored for accurate location needs.
Adaptability: Ready for DEFI and geolocation applications through its smart contract system.

In Summary

GEODNET is ushering us into a new era of understanding our planet. With their SuperHex system and the power of blockchain, they're making geospatial data more accessible, accurate, and rewarding.

Central to this innovation are the SuperHexes – a recent addition that holds transformative potential. SuperHexes embody collaborative participation, where deploying devices within these hexagonal units not only extends the network's reach but also ushers in substantial rewards. The inception of the SuperHex concept, amplifying coverage and stakeholder incentives, underscores GEODNET's dedication to pioneering solutions.

For those interested in learning more join the GEODNET community on platforms like Discord. Join in, and be a part of this global mission!

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