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  • Things To Know When Buying Used Helium Miner

    Before buying a used Helium miner, there are certain things you should know. We’ve put together a comprehensive guide to purchasing used Helium miners. Keep reading to know more. 

  • Antennas and Frequency Explained

    Having the best Antenna for your Helium hotspot provides a smooth experience. Certain factors determine which antenna is best — for example; the correct frequency band for your location. To make things easy for you, we’ve done a deep dive into the best antennas and frequencies for your Helium hotspot.
  • Helium’s Update to The Light Hotspot

    Helium’s transition from Full Hotspots to Light Hotspots is upon us. The latter is to be a superior gateway that offers better stability around the Blockchain network. If you’d like to be part of this transition, here are the things you should know.