• Real-Time Geospatial Data.

    The GEODNET mission is to gather dense real-time geospatial data from the Earth and her Atmosphere using a new class of roof-mounted Space Weather stations.

  • Robust and Resilient Network.

    The use of blockchain will promote a robust and resilient network that delivers secure and trusted geospatial data products used in key sectors of the economy including Agriculture, Transportation, and Finance, as well as new emerging applications for Autonomy, AR/VR, and the Metaverse.

  • Affordable Mining.

    The best aspect of GEODNET is everyone can affordably and easily mine GEOD token without high-power CPU or GPU intensive equipment.

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GEODNET is a public blockchain-based and token-incentivized network of GNSS reference stations. The reference stations monitor space weather (ionosphere, troposphere) as well as GNSS satellite clock and orbit signals. The reference station data is used for RTK and precise positioning of GNSS receivers to centimeter accuracy. Stations also collect precise geospatial which monitors geodetic changes such as Earthquakes, Structural Deformation, and other Geohazards. Finally the trusted global grid of stations can either produce or validate other sensor data such as Environmental Sensing.

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Anyone with a roof can join.