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Is Helium Network Mining Worth it in 2024?

Helium Network continues to shine as a groundbreaking initiative, blending blockchain technology with the creation of a decentralized network aimed at enhancing digital connectivity. With its innovative approach to blockchain mining, Helium has sparked interest and curiosity across the globe. As we move into 2024, the question on many minds is: Is Helium Network mining a worthwhile endeavor still?

A Revolutionary Concept in Digital Connectivity

Incase you are not aware Helium Network introduces physical mining model unique to the blockchain world, supporting both the Internet of Things (IoT) and mobile connectivity. This model rewards participants with IoT Tokens or Mobile Tokens, based on their chosen mining activities. Beyond the allure of financial rewards, Helium miners play a vital role in fostering a decentralized network that promises to revolutionize global connectivity.

Exploring Helium Mining Paths

IoT: By setting up Hotspots, IoT miners provide essential infrastructure for a myriad of smart devices, earning IoT Tokens for their contributions. This aspect of Helium supports a wide range of applications, from environmental monitoring to urban development. 

Mobile: Focused on enhancing 5G connectivity, Helium Mobile miners are currently active in the United States, with exciting expansion plans for Mexico. These miners are rewarded with Mobile Tokens, contributing to the network's growth and the efficiency of mobile communication.

You can view the to view the coverage and how large the network has grown over the last 5 years. 

Considerations for Potential Helium Miners

Economic Accessibility and Contribution to the Network

The significant reduction in Helium IoT Hotspot costs since their peak in 2021/2022 has made joining the Helium Network more feasible for a broader audience. This development not only democratizes access to the mining process but also emphasizes the role of miners as key contributors to an expansive, global connectivity movement.

Strategic Geographic Expansion

Success in Helium mining is highly influenced by geographic location. Areas with a high density of IoT hotspots and usag present greater opportunities for respective miners. While news of potential Helium Mobile growth from United States into Mexico marks a promising expansion for Helium Mobile, the situation in other regions, such as Canada, presents challenges to say the least.

The Mobile Situation in Canada

Sadly, there is currently no news about Helium Mobile 5G's expansion into Canada. It appears that major mobile carriers like Bell and Rogers are lobbying to maintain control over the mobile ecosystem, potentially hindering Helium's innovative model from gaining approval by the CRTC (Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission) in the Canadian market. However, the progress seen in the United States and Mexico may serve as a beacon, illustrating the benefits of decentralized mobile connectivity and possibly influencing future developments worldwide.

Is Helium Mining Worth Your Investment in 2024?

The value of Helium Network mining in 2024 is a multifaceted question, dependent on individual goals, location, and the desire to be part of a cutting-edge technological ecosystem. For those engaged with or planning to utilize Helium's infrastructure, the benefits are clear. The network offers a direct avenue to support and benefit from decentralized connectivity, whether through IoT devices or 5G mobile networks.

While individuals in key strategic locations may find Helium mining both financially rewarding and personally satisfying, those in regions with less immediate network demand or facing regulatory hurdles, like Canada, may need to weigh the benefits differently. Yet, the overarching value of contributing to a transformative global network remains a compelling reason to participate.


Helium Network mining stands as a testament to the potential of blockchain technology to reshape our world, offering not just a chance for financial gain but a stake in the future of global connectivity. As we evaluate the prospects of contributing to the ecosystem, it embodies a commitment to innovation, a contribution to a vital global infrastructure, and a step towards a more connected, decentralized world. The situation in Canada serves as a reminder of the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead, underscoring the importance of global cooperation and vision in realizing the full potential of the Helium Network for both IoT and Mobile.


Can you mine IoT and Mobile with the same device?
No, IoT mining and Mobile mining require separate devices. Each type of miner is designed specifically for its network's needs—IoT miners for the Internet of Things network and Mobile miners for the 5G connectivity network.

Can you mine Helium Mobile in Canada?
No, currently, Helium Mobile mining is not available in Canada due to regulatory and market challenges.

Will the expansion into Mexico impact the Helium Network's value?
The expansion of Helium Mobile into Mexico, in partnership with Telefónica and Nova Labs, is expected to significantly enhance the network's value by increasing its geographical coverage and the number of potential users, thereby strengthening the Helium ecosystem.

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