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Convert Your Existing LoRaWAN Hotspot Into 5G

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Convert Your Existing LoRaWAN Hotspot Into 5G

The purpose of every IoT device is to be able to connect to the internet while also relaying some form of information. In essence, communication is one of the most important features of IoT devices. Several communication protocols exist, but most are not the right fit for many IoT devices because of power consumption or range of coverage.

Convert Your Existing LoRaWAN Hotspot Into 5G
The Helium network has one distinct goal, making the world more connected through a wireless network. Because it is a decentralized platform, the Helium network has made some progress in finding solutions to various IoT problems without ever compromising the data of its users. The network was only able to connect hotspots because of the LoRaWAN network making the network even more popular. Because of the fast-growing popularity of the network, its users decided to agree to HIP 27, making Helium the world’s first user-oriented 5G network.

Based on the current frequency hotspots operate, the amount of data each hotspot can carry is limited. By upping the frequency, more significant data can be transferred. This is why getting a 5G hotspot is important and all the parts you would need for a 5G hotspot include the Miner, Antenna, and Radio.

MNTD wants to change the need for buying complete new hardware by offering users a way to upgrade their Hotspots to 5G Hotspots. 

It is not surprising to see the rapid adoption of complementary technologies as we move closer to 5G and the ease of integration it will bring. These complementary technologies will strengthen 5G's capabilities for massive IoT and provide a wider range of tools to support the use cases customers demand. As such, the Helium network's users resolved to pass the HIP 27 because of the network's expanding user base, making Helium the first user-focused 5G network in the world.

Multiple hotspots can only communicate a small amount of data due to the frequencies they use, however, 5G hotspots and a higher frequency allow for the transmission of larger amounts of data. Additionally, the network and FreedomFi have joined to produce more open source 5G devices. Understanding how these 5G hotspots should be set up is crucial for your earnings as a member of the Helium network because they operate a little differently from the other types of miners.


Q: Does owning a 5G Helium miner cost more, and does it mean I would earn more?
Since the hotspot would need to connect to a few extra 5G radios, an upgrade kit would be provided, and more pricing information would be available as soon as the upgrade kit is available. Also, yes. The 5G Helium miner would earn you more than your regular Helium hotspot.

Q: Is there a specific kind of internet connection I must provide?
No, that is dependent on you and what type of bandwidth you can afford. However, the lower the bandwidth, the lower the data processed and vice versa. This is important because your earnings depend on how much data you can process.

Q: This update seems like it would be worth it, when can I upgrade my hotspot to 5G?
There is no exact date yet as the certification is still being discussed with DeWi and it could take a few weeks or months, but be rest assured that regular updates would be made.

Q: Is there a minimum data requirement to run a 5G deployment?
Yes, the requirement is 220 mbps downlink and 12 mbps uplink.
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