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Everything You Need To Know About MNTD Helium Miners


Mining Helium, popularly known as The People’s Network, is an effective and low-cost method of generating cryptocurrency and passive income. At least 927,460 Hotspot Miners are already powering the Helium network, and this figure will rise even further in the upcoming years.

There are many projects in development, including a Helium 5G hotspot network to support this rapid growth. Additionally, MNTD Helium miners are manufactured and sold with the primary purpose of helping more people who are interested in helium mining to have easy access to Hotspots.

What is MNTD Helium Miner?
Although they are relatively new to the Helium mining industry, MNTD Helium miners are manufactured by Singapore-based RAKwireless, who originally developed them to improve public access to hotspots and give customers better service and support.

RAKwireless Hotspot miners have always been distributed by a select group of companies that cater to enterprises and do not exclusively offer crypto-hardware. MNTD was founded with an emphasis on a more personable approach with excellent customer service, no problem with pre-ordering, and being let down.

Why Choose MNTD Helium Miner?
The demand for Helium Hotspots is currently high because of the network's rapid growth. This element is taken into consideration with MNTD Helium miners. Focusing on the core of The People's Network—the people—is the aim of this RAK Hotspot. It plans to achieve this by offering exceptional customer service, refusing to accept pre-orders to avoid disappointing the public and making them wait for up to a year. The hotspots will be easier to access for miners in the European Union and all over North America, thanks to a new drop queue system that this RAK Hotspot has also revealed.

The MNTD App
The MNTD app (Android and Apple) makes it simple to set up and manage your MNTD and RAK Hotspots, create or import your Helium Wallet, and track the growth of your HNT profits. Additionally, it makes it easy to keep track of your token profits and manage your HNT balance. Creating your account shouldn't be that difficult.

Your account can only be generated with 12 unique words. Keep in mind that the app cannot retrieve these particular keywords. As a result, you will be the only person with access going forward.

MNTD. Movile App - Download

The Difference Between MNTD Goldspot and MNTD Blackspot
The standard edition of the MNTD miner is the MNTD Blackspot, whereas the limited edition is the MNTD Goldspot. The only significant difference is that Goldspot has 8GB of RAM as its primary hardware change while Blackspot has 4GB of RAM.

Members of the network using an MNTD Goldspot also have access to VIP services and support. If problems develop with the miners, Goldspot users will be given faster repairs.

Convert Your Existing LoRaWAN Hotspot Into 5G
With The People’s Network, you can convert your existing LoRaWAN hotspot into 5G. People are anxious to know if the 5G, an upgrade from the 4G, will result in a long-term fix for the connectivity issue with Internet of Things devices and other technologies required for network connectivity.

Helium is the first user-oriented 5G network in the world because its users decided to accept HIP 27 due to the network's rapidly increasing popularity. With a phone that supports 5G, you can connect to hotspots publicly owned and maintained. As such, Helium 5G will be the second major wireless network that the Helium network supports.

MNTD 5G Miner
MNTD is also set to introduce the world’s first everything-in-one Helium 5G hotspot. The MNTD. 5G hotspot is a compact device that everyday people can set up within their homes or workspaces without complications. Hosts of the Helium 5G hotspot would be able to earn crypto tokens as rewards.

The MNTD 5G miner covers a long distance without taking up space or too much time to set up. It has an all-in-one design and only needs one cable to power the hotspot and connect to your network. The MNTD 5G Hotspot differs from other hotspots in that it also features a complete 5G gateway, 4G/5G radio, Wi-Fi 6 (for future networks), and LoRaWAN.

When 5G Mining? MNTD.

One of the most noteworthy actions performed to reduce the strain of producing HNT was the introduction of MNTD Helium miners.

These new miners also function alongside an app that makes it easy for members of the Helium network to manage their hotspots and track their HNT profits. The app is secure, with each person having exclusive access to their account.

Additionally, there are two kinds of MNTD Helium miners, the Goldspot and Blackspot. Their main difference is that the Goldspot has 8GB of RAM, while the Blackspot has 4GB of RAM. Also, Goldspot owners have access to VIP services and support.


Q: Can I get my MNTD hotspot from any other distributors?
No, MNTD hotspots are sold exclusively by MNTD because the company has no other distributors. It would be in your best interests to refrain from buying from unauthorized resellers.

Q: Do I have to use a Goldspot miner? Would getting the Blackspot be a problem?
No, you don't have to use a Goldspot. The VIP services and 8GB ram that Goldspot owners receive, there is no difference between the two.

Q: How long do I wait to receive my order from MNTD?
Normal shipping times apply, depending on where your order is shipping to. Orders for US will be shipped from California, Canada orders from Canada, Europe orders from Europe, and UK orders from the UK. Once your order is placed, their goal is to ship it in less than 48 hours.
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