How To Secure Helium (HNT) Assets on Ledger Hardware Wallet —For Mac OS/Windows OS/Linux OS - Mapping Network

How To Secure Helium (HNT) Assets on Ledger Hardware Wallet —For Mac OS/Windows OS/Linux OS

How To Secure Helium (HNT) Assets on Ledger Hardware Wallet

Disclaimer: This will change once the migration to Solana (SOL) Network has been completed. You can then use any native Solana supported wallet like Phantom App.

The protection and security of your HNT tokens and Assets become a lot safer through the use of a Ledger Hardware Device. It offers that extra bit of security by allowing only those with a connected Ledger device to make payments from your Helium wallet. The Helium blockchain is compatible with hardware ledgers and when installed, the ledger app gives users access to various functions and options.

This device works with several other blockchains which means you can store keys for tokens native to Bitcoin, Ethereum, and many other networks.

How To Access Ledger Helium HNT Account
Once you have set up your Ledger Wallet, you will have access to a number of functions and information. You can:

  • View your Helium address(es) and balances
  • Issue payment to any address
  • Submit Validator transactions, including stake, transfer, and unstake

So let's take a look at how to access your Ledger Helium (HNT) account via the Helium HNT Wallet mobile app.

Step 1: Get the Requirements Ready
Before you begin, there are certain requirements and software you need to pre-install to access your HNT account. This includes:

Helium Ledger Nano X or Ledger Nano S Device
Ledger Live Application
Personal Computer (Mac OS/Windows OS/Linux OS)

This tutorial requires Bluetooth connectivity so only Nano X users will be able to manage HNT using the app.

Step 2: Install the Helium (HNT) app on your Ledger device
To do this, first open "Ledger Live" and select "Settings" > Experimental features and activate "Developer mode". Then connect your Ledger device to "My Ledger" to ensure that your device is running the latest firmware version. If you can not find "Helium", you may need to update your Ledger Live. So check your version of Ledger Live by navigating to Settings, and select About and Version.

Once you have done this, click on "Manager* and install the Helium (HNT) app onto your Ledger device.

Step 3: Pair your Ledger with the Helium HNT Wallet mobile app
Since this process requires Bluetooth connectivity, go to the "Control Center'' of your Nano X device and ensure that the Bluetooth is on. Then use the buttons on your Ledger device to open the Helium app. You're likely going to see your device display a "Waiting for Commands" text. Now, open the Helium HNT Wallet mobile app on your phone and select "Tap or get started".

Once you've done that, Select Pair with Ledger and select your Nano device. The app should display an "Account Found" text to indicate its visibility. Choose "Import account" and your Ledger Helium HNT account will appear in the app. Your Ledger device should display "Confirm Address" and to select this; press both buttons simultaneously to confirm the address. And that's it, your account is connected and you're good to go.

Step 4: Receive HNT coins into your Ledger Helium account
Now that you're done with the set-up process, you can send or receive HNT coins into your Ledger Helium account. There's a "Send" or "Request" icon in the app. You can select Request and ensure your correct Ledger account appears.

After selecting Request, a QR code will pop up. You will use this code to send HNT coins to your account.

How To Manage Helium with Ledger Devices
With the following steps, you will be able to set up a Ledger Wallet for the Helium blockchain on any laptop or desktop computer of your choice.

Step 1: Update Your Ledger Live
First, you have to ensure your Ledger Live app and Ledger device are running on the latest firmware. If your Ledger Live is out of date, you will likely see update notifications appear at the top of the window. Otherwise, you can manually check your version of Ledger Live by navigating to Settings, select About and Version. You will find the "update" button.

If an update notification doesn't appear, your Ledger Live app and device are likely running on the latest software and you should have no issues.

Step 2: Turn on Developer Mode
For the next step, move to the Manager tab and then select the “Experimental features” tab. Enable the "Developer mode" icon.

Step 3: Install Helium
The next step is to install the Helium app on your Ledger device. Navigate to “Manager” and allow Ledger Manager. Then go to the search bar and search “Helium” in the search and select “Install”.

Step 4: Install Command Line Interface (CLI) Application.
Another step you need to follow is to download Command Line Interface and store it in an accessible file or folder. However, as a rule of thumb always close your Ledger Live when using the CLI app. It is also important you download the compatible CLI Helium files for your Operating System.

Step 5: Type Command
Next, open your computer's Command line; called Command Prompt for Windows OS and Terminal for MacOS. Connect your Ledger to your computer and select the folder that has your CLI app. Then input the command; “./helium-ledger-cli” to open the CLI application.

Step 6: Final Step
After inputting the command, you should see the screen display "Communicating with Ledger- Follow prompts on screen" to indicate a successful entry. Now you can use any of the subcommands to perform various actions and functions available, as mentioned earlier.

You can apply these steps to your various computers using Mac, Windows or Linux Operating systems. However, the only difference will be in the Command Line Interface package downloaded


Can I store HNT on Ledger?
Yes. Ledger Helium Wallet acts as a secure system that allows you to transfer and receive HNT. You can use this as a cold storage for your HNT tokens and also receive them.

Are Ledger Wallets Secure?
Yes. Ledger Helium Wallet is a safe and secure system that allows you to transfer and receive HNT. It has an added bit of protection that allows you to secure multiple assets, including Helium Tokens. Your private keys that give access to your assets remain safe in a certified secure chip.

Which wallet can hold HNT?
Ledger Helium Wallet can act as a storage to hold HNT tokens. You can also check your balance in real-time, and send and receive your helium and many other assets directly from Ledger Live.

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