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What is Helium 5G MOBILE Token?

What is Helium 5G MOBILE Token?

Ever since the beginning of cellular summer, there have been a series of questions. One of the most commonly discussed subjects is MOBILE tokens' earning potential and value.

The amount of MOBILE a 5G Hotspot will earn during a specific time depends on several factors. However, there are guidelines, design considerations, and higher-level ideas to keep in mind to understand better what you might earn and why. This guide will describe a Helium 5G MOBILE Token and other essential things to know about it.

To ensure the distribution of rewards is fair, the new token system will take this into account and data credits will be purchased at different rates depending on the type of usage. 5G data transfers cost $0.50 per GB. IOT data transfers will remain priced at $0.00001 for a 24 byte packet.

What Are MOBILE Tokens
MOBILE tokens are the payouts from mining the 5G HOTSPOT on the Helium network. 250,000,000,000 tokens will be available, with 116,000,000,000 likely emitted in the first year.

How Do I Mine MOBILE Tokens?
Small Cell Radios can operate in as many 5G Hotspots as necessary to fill their available bandwidth. To mine a MOBILE Token and to get a 5G network coverage, you need a 5G Hotspot and one or more CBRS Small Cell Radios that are compatible. These parts can be bought separately or together. To be eligible for MOBILE incentives, all 5G Hotspots must be connected to the internet and registered in the FCC's SAS (Spectrum Access System). A single 5G Hotspot can be connected to many Small Cell Radios to expand the 5G coverage area.

The 5G Hotspot Makers offer instructions on setting up a CBRS Small Cell Radio and registering with the SAS. Please note that you will require a second networking switch if you want to connect to more than one Small Cell Radio. 

The Small Cell Radio will automatically initialize and obtain a GPS lock after the 5G Hotspot is onboarded and physically deployed. After it is finished, the 5G Hotspot's local IP address displays the Small Cell Radio dashboard under the "Radio Dashboard" tab. Note: 5G deployment is currently only being allowed in United States of America. 

What is The Number of Tokens, and How Are They Distributed?
The first time tokens were distributed is known as the genesis period. This distribution will occur every 30 minutes, or about 2,100,000 million tokens every epoch. The estimated duration of MOBILE Genesis is two months, with 100,000,000 tokens being generated every day. Your CBRS Small Cell Radio configuration will determine how tokens are distributed, with weights given to different radio types.

Now, let's do quick math to calculate the distribution based on our current statistics. Note that the numbers below are for analysis. They do not represent any real deployed 5G Hotspots. It is used solely to explain how the calculation is done. We'll assume that each is a 5G hotspot with a CBRS small cell registered with SAS for our analyses. We'll assume for our calculations that 3,000 are outdoor, 600 are High Powered Outdoor, and 2,400 are Outdoor.

The total Reward Units per epoch are the sum of all these components. Our Total Rewards Units in this instance total 7,800. You can see actual numbers of onboarded 5G Hotspots here.

How Will I Earn The Token
CBRS Model Reward Weight x The MOBILE reward per epoch / Total Reward Units is the formula used to determine how rewards are distributed based on their weight. We can assess our per-Radio earnings now that the deployed Radios have been considered.

Accordingly, the daily revenue from installing a single 5G Hotspot and a BaiCells Nova 430H might be as high as 19,000 MOBILE tokens per day. This works out to roughly 48 epochs each day.

Why is 5G (MOBILE) only available in the United States?
The United States has opened up a 3550–3700 MHz spectrum band for public use called CBRS (Citizens Broadband Radio Service). This is the spectrum that Helium 5G Hotspots use. We expect Canada to slowly follow and allow certification within the next year.

What Do I Do With The Token
Most of us were present when The People's Network began to take off and saw Helium burst onto the scene, closely followed by the explosion of HNT. Our treasury staff is now working on the calculations to estimate its final value, and we intend to share that information as soon as it is complete. However, we can only make educated guesses for the time being.

Although the actual value of MOBILE has not yet been established, early adopters frequently reap the most significant rewards.

How 5G Hotspots Earn Helium MOBILE Tokens
The Helium Blockchain rewards 5G Hotspots for supplying 5G wireless coverage and confirming the Helium Network. Helium MOBILE Tokens are rewarded for 5G Hotspots.

The owner of a 5G Hotspot does not need to do anything further to earn MOBILE once the device is fully deployed and linked with the Helium Blockchain. Your 5G Hotspot will carry out all tasks independently and be rewarded for preserving a reliable connection to the SAS.

What About The Emissions Curve
There will be an abundant supply MOBILE with issuance halving every two years in line with HNT issuance. To synchronize with HNT halving, the initial halving will occur on August 1, 2023, and will happen every two years. This results in a "stub period" defined by HIP53: MOBILE subDAO that will start when regular MOBILE token emissions start (and MOBILE can be reclaimed by HNT in the subDAO's treasury). Until core developers implement the HNT token treasury and redemption transactions on the Helium Blockchain, a specific date cannot be determined. This is known as phase 2 of HIP 51: Helium DAO for the new subDAOs.

HIP 51: Helium DAO defined an earlier MOBILE launch of tokens assigning a premium quantity of MOBILE to the Helium Foundation before standard MOBILE emissions started. The Genesis era of MOBILE awards will begin when The Helium Foundation collaborates with the core developers. The Foundation's pre-mined MOBILE rewards pool will be used to pay out Genesis incentives.

During the Genesis period, the Helium Foundation plans to release 100 million tokens daily, distributed proportionally to all operational 5G small cell radios.

You need a small CBRS Small Cell radio and a 5G Hotspot. They could be bought separately or together. One 5G Hotspot can power several small cell radios. 

At the moment, the United States is the only country that has open 5G spectrum. For those in countries without CBRS, another technology called WiFi 6e mobile offloading is being developed to provide many of the same functions as Helium 5G but with a reduced range.


Q: What Are The benefits of Helium Token?
The Helium Token is created to serve the needs of the two major parties in the Helium blockchain ecosystem: Network Operators and Hotspot Hosts. Enterprises and developers use the Helium Network to connect devices and build IoT applications. Hosts mine HNT while deploying and maintaining network coverage.

Q: Can I earn both MOBILE and IOT?
Helium 5G Hotspots are also LoRaWAN Hotspots and can earn IOT if set up for LoRa but only 5G-capable Hotspots with a 5G radio fully installed and registered with a SAS can earn MOBILE.

Q: What Devices Use Helium Network?
Bike trackers, environmental sensors, intelligent pet collars, or any other IoT device can connect to Helium Hotspots without cellular or Wi-Fi networks. Thereby enabling new use cases and inspiring innovations. The Helium Network is present in Europe and North America.

Q: Will my current Hotspot still earn HNT?
LoRaWAN Hotspot will continue to earn HNT until the Phase I completion of HIP 51, estimated for August of this year. Then, they will start earning IOT tokens instead, as part of the IOT subDAO. IOT tokens can be redeemed for HNT in your wallet, if you so choose to do so.



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