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Wio Terminal LoRaWAN Helium Field Tester

Wio Terminal LoRaWAN Helium Field Tester

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Multi-zone: suports EU868, AS923, US915, KR920, IN865, AU915
Note: Does not have a built-in battery. 

This Wio LoRaWAN FieldTester is a plug-and-play and all-in-one LongFi network monitor for Helium network. It will help you particularly know how many Hotspots around can be touched for a given position, enrich the network mappers to know each other and share the real network coverage. 

It helps to build the global coverage map. This map proves that the network can be used for professional / industrial applications by making sure sensors can be deployed in desired areas. This gives long-term value to our assets.

In a particular zone where no hotspot has been yet deployed, you can make sure it will be witnessed by some other hotspot and that way verify the viability to deploy new hotspot in excentered zones where the scale reward is higher.

With the Helium Cargo application, you can real-time track yourself or an asset over a covered zone.

Field Tester - it allows to monitor the LoRaWan / LongFi network performance from the field. That way you can verify the coverage and know the different Gateways / Hotspots covering a given place. It helps to find the best places to deploy new Gateways / Hotspots, compare different places to optimize the network deployment. It can show signal strength in real-time and allows the testing of different network parameters.

Mapper - it automatically transfers the positions to the network mappers - Helium Mappers and Coverage Map - to create a map of coverage. This map is really important to understand where it is possible to use the network. It is a key point for giving trust to the network and motivating the service providers to use it.

Tracker - it can be connected to tracking services like cargo to track cars, people, assets in real-time.

All the Field Testing information is displayed on the Wio Terminal screen where you can also set up different radio parameters.

Wio Terminal is compatible with Arduino and Micropython, built with an ATSAMD51 microcontroller with wireless connectivity supported by Realtek RTL8720DN. Its CPU speed runs at 120MHz (Boost up to 200MHz). Realtek RTL8720DN chip supports both Bluetooth and Wi-Fi providing the backbone for IoT projects. The Wio Terminal is Highly Integrated with a 2.4” LCD Screen, there is an onboard IMU(LIS3DHTR), microphone, buzzer, microSD card slot, light sensor, and infrared emitter(IR 940nm).

With Wio Terminal, sense and tag the Real-World data with over 300 Groves created by Seeed and visualize through Azure IoT Central Platform to create an end-to-end IoT project


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